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What You Can Expect From Our Firm

Over his career, Mr. Birk has built a reputation for balancing aggressive trial advocacy with a personalized approach to helping his clients find success. Whether in personal areas of law like family law or personal injury, or in commercial matters, he emphasizes:

      Exceptional trial experience

      Direct and honest counsel

      Responsive communication



Purdue University BS Mechanical Engineering

Vanderbilt University School of Law

Many ask me how I mix Law with Engineering.  Actually, the 2 go hand-in-hand:  A Lawyer with an engineering background has a keen understanding of the inner workings of business and protecting their intellectual property.

Bar Admissions

Admitted:  All Indiana Courts

Admitted:  Federal District Court for Southern District of Indiana

Admitted:  Federal District Court for Northern District of Indiana

Admitted:  US Court of Appeals for the 7th Circuit (Sits in Chicago)


Member:   Dubois County Bar Association

Member:   Indiana Bar Association


 Mr. Birk is Passionate about Law, Reading, & Writing.  “Tommy” has published 2 novels, the political thrillers, Beneath The Rock (Calumet Editions 2014) and Zero God (Calumet Editions 2016).  He particularly enjoys fiction writing with real historical events and imagined future events.  Tommy grew up in Jasper (pop. 14000), located in Southwestern Indiana. His interests include the history of German immigration to America and studying ‘cutting’ edge and futuristic science. He traces his fascination with woodlands back to his German forbears from Bavaria and the Black Forest in Germany. Tommy’s family owns forested lands and these spark many of his ideas. But his writings go further. Tommy is an activist who embraces a changing world, one which struggles daily with new questions of right and wrong. Tommy still lives in Jasper and he jogs and lifts weights to stay in shape.

Some might ask what does novel writing have to do with law practice?  Plenty. Tommy’s books increase his already highly developed communication skills and trigger a practical imagination which encompasses the whole of the legal matters and issues that most affect you, your business, and your family.



Ancillary Business

Procol, Inc., an Qualified Indiana Collection Agency